Roger Goodell pulls the rug from underneath the Saints

It was two weeks ago, before a matchup with the Green Bay Packers following three consecutive losses to open the season, when Lance Moore made a statement that encapsulated the New Orleans Saints' situation.

"If we could just win one game …" Moore told USA TODAY Sports.

Just one victory. That's all this formerly proud franchise wanted. One chance to feel good about themselves as the clock struck triple zeroes. One moment to think this entire season won't be a nightmare, that there might be more of these moments and that they could somehow shake off months of despair to make something of this season.

That moment came Sunday, when it was about Drew Brees breaking a legend's record, a brief welcome back of sorts for implicated coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis and -- finally -- winning.

Now, it's about suspensions, appeals, defamation suits and anger.


Just as the positive vibes started flowing through a city used to enjoying life, not wallowing in misery, they're gone again, lost in Tuesday's "reaffirmation" of the suspensions in the Bountygate case by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, an attempt at a compromise the implicated players have already rejected.

Perhaps it's best the Saints are in the midst of their bye week and not beginning preparation Wednesday for an opponent on Sunday. If their next game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was scheduled for this week, the questions they'd face upon returning from work wouldn't be inquiries about Greg Schiano's defense or Josh Freeman's lack of accuracy lately. No, they'd be the same ones they've been answering for months now.

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The Dodgers sold for $2 Billion Dollars!!

When a group bought the Los Angeles Dodgers earlier this year for $2.15 billion, it certainly raised a lot of eyebrows. Well, according to, the Dodgers had a secret deal in place with Major League Baseball to limit how much of their television revenue they would have to share with the other 29 teams, thus increasing the franchise's value to prospective owners.

According to the deal, the amount of television revenue that would be subjected to MLB's revenue sharing each year would be capped at $84 million. That's a lot. But then consider that the Dodger's next TV deal could be worth over $250 million per season. That means the Dodgers could potentially skim nearly $200 million off the top every year before having to share a dime with their fellow teams.

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